Halloween and the Devil

Halloween is the devil’s day.

No…….Halloween is about candy and parties and fun!  Great holiday!

Read the rest of the story………….you may be very surprised!

Halloween is the day that little innocent children go “trick-or-treating” and get candy and all sorts of good stuff.

I remember having a wonderful time celebrating Halloween as a child.  I attended several really great parties with the headless horseman, fortune tellers, witches, ghost, goblins, and all of it.  Great candy and cupcakes!  One of the best parties was even at church.

We didn’t realize what we were doing.  I took my children trick-or-treating many times.  Carved pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns.  Good times!

I’ll never forget the day I knew I would NEVER celebrate Halloween again.  I was in the hospital for depression.  A lady in the hospital with me suffered from depression and all sorts of issues.  She had attempted suicide several times.

This particular day………she was sharing in our group about her childhood.  She had grown up in a Satanist home.  Her father was the High Priest.  He and the others abused her and many of the other children sexually in Satanic rituals on their special holidays.  They slaughtered animals and offered them up as sacrifices to Satan.  They drank the blood of these animals in worship to Satan.

The lady told us that the adults purposely had babies just for sacrifice.  They had them at home and the outside world didn’t know they existed.  Therefore, these little babies weren’t missed if something happened to them.

On most ritual days  someone would just cut off their finger or something.  Then everyone would drink the blood from that in their ritual.  I’m sure Satan was somewhat pleased.  October 31st (Halloween) was a special time to these people.  It was a time for more than just sacrificing animals.  Halloween required a human sacrifice!

That was what the little newborn babies were for…………the climatic celebration of Halloween (October 31st)!  Innocent blood was needed to appease Satan on that night!

So……they made a little girl perform the sacrifice!  She was forced to stab the little baby with the ceremonial knife right in its little chest!  All of the people then drank the baby’s blood in worship of Satan.  I’m sure he was greatly pleased!

(This little girl was that lady in the hospital………that is why she was so desperately mentally ill.  Even though she finally grew up and got away from that lifestyle………she couldn’t escape the horror!)

So….in reality Halloween is the day that people (even Christians) teach their children that Satan (the devil) isn’t real at all.  Witchcraft is funny.  Evil is just something to laugh at.

You’re not doing your children any favors.

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