Listen to your God before it is too late!

Cry out for mercy!

Cry out for compassion!

Wake Up!

Fall to your knees with broken hearts and mournful spirits!


Once Christians fled to you for refuge. 

The people sought to worship their God in peace. 

The Cross of Christ was seen everywhere……..

You were blessed!

Innocent children learned their lessons in school from the Word of God.

The Ten Commandments were revered by virtually all.

Church bells rang out all over the land………calling the faithful to worship!

Not so long ago,


What happened to you?  What blindness overcame you?  What deafness overtook your ears?

You offer your babies to the idols of lust and self indulgence……..

You murder the innocent and say “all is well”


The people of Sodom and Gomorrah cry out to God

for justice and accuse Him. 

They cry out that they should have mercy if you have mercy.

He hears their cries and considers them. 

The blood of all of the innocent babies

cries out to Him and pleads for vengeance. 

He hears them! 


America…….who are you?

Who have you become?

God saw your charity and smiled. 

He saw goodness coming out of you and blessed you.


But now……….your hearts are cold.  Love has left you.

You call good evil………and evil good!

You bend your knee to no one.  After all…….you are America!

What arrogance!   You play a fool’s game!

Do you not know that the same God that raised you up will take you down?

Do you not know that you will reap what you sow?

God is not mocked!

How long do you expect Him to tolerate you?


The Remnant of Believers are God’s chosen and beloved. 

They need not fear. 

He will protect them with His mighty hand as He sends out His mighty justice!


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